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by DjTheixo (Mistertrufa)
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Submitted: 2011-03-04 02:15:19
Updated: 2011-03-04 02:15:19
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Drumnbass?¿ Industrial?¿ Dubstep?¿ Rock?? the last Mistertrufa`s song?

value=""></param> src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"> Delosnervios by href="">Mistertrufa</a></span>


Thats really neat! very good beats, and good tunes, although some are sort of funny sounding.Posted by: Fiona on 2011-03-04 12:19:05
Yes, the funny tunes its a label in some of my works
Posted by: Mistertrufa on 2011-03-04 13:07:29
I love the guitar, the melodies, the beat... almost everything... The only thing I dislike, is the third ZynAddSubFX, the sine pad thing.Posted by: Yure16 on 2011-03-04 19:34:05
He de ver eso a lo que te refieres, todo se puede mejorar... :)

I see that's what you mean, everything can be better
Posted by: Mistertrufa on 2011-03-05 04:14:50