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by Slatcher (Mark Slatcher)
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Submitted: 2017-09-23 07:42:43
Updated: 2017-09-23 08:19:53
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Name: Remix - im out of ideas please help me.mmpz Download

I don't think it'll get you all the way there, but it might get you unstuck.

OK you are way to fucking good for repeating patterns im gonna admit. Still needs something tho.
Gonna work on it if you dont mindPosted by: Texxiliator on 2017-09-23 14:22:44
You were expecting this to be complete? Nah. Just trying to help you get going again.
In my own work, I usually start with one pattern, then expand on that, but I wanted to get this back to you once I felt there was enough to work with.
Posted by: Mark Slatcher on 2017-09-23 16:06:55
What you had was good, Texx. Just added some different instruments that sound like they fit. The patterns I put in weren't my focus. I never meant for you to keep them. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.Posted by: Mark Slatcher on 2017-09-23 16:10:44
"Master pitch" 2 positions down and up after 81.. 113 is a goog idea for "shake-up" and more variety.. + some melody solo..??Posted by: gdd71 on 2017-09-23 22:24:28