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by Someone else (Fyrebreak)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0.rc4
Submitted: 2017-12-22 15:32:08
Updated: 2017-12-22 16:13:54
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Name: [Dubstep] Fyrebreak - Saichania (Original Mix).mmpz Download

I wanted to make something beautiful.

It's not that heavy, but I still hope you enjoy.
I've been practicing even more dubstep recently... and I'm getting into really heavy stuff. Hopefully it will be worth it.

1,300 Free Dubstep Drum Samples (that I used):

Bonus Question: How do you make the volume of a track louder without having to turn up your speakers? Sounds normal when I turn it up on the computer, but when I try to turn up volume in LMMS clipping occurs.

Great song!Posted by: Single Coil on 2017-12-22 16:34:28
Yes, a great song is pushed down by this crazy person @Single Coil

@Single Coil at home, @Single Coil at work, @Single Coil in the car, @Single Coil in the bed ... @Single Coil everywhere

THE GOD @SINGLE COIL @SINGLE COIL @SINGLE COIL @SINGLE COILPosted by: gdd71 on 2017-12-22 17:45:45
to answer your Q., use Audacity and amplify it.
heres a link; by: JJFliss on 2017-12-22 17:56:18
Also, make sure to save the LMMS song at the biggest sample rate and best quality settings in .wav. That way Audacity will be able to deamplify, if in any song you will have distortion (from too much volume on LMMS). This trick helped me a lot when I discovered it. Also, make sure not to allow clipping there. Don't mind ggd71, he is just frusteated for staying too much on the too page with no results. You have great potential! Posted by: Single Coil on 2017-12-22 18:18:39
@Single Coil, Item 9 is added for you... some day maybe..
@Someone else (Fyrebreak),
Regarding the question, do the project without clipping low levels without red indicators.
After export WAV I use normalize ->
but you can and other similar software of your choice..
Posted by: gdd71 on 2017-12-22 19:33:48
@gdd71 Chill XD

Normalizing sounds interesting. Honestly haven't tried it before. So maybe I'll give it a shot ;) Thanks for the suggestion.
I'm just wondering, if the audio file starts clipping before it reaches the desired volume, then what?
Posted by: Fyrebreak on 2017-12-23 01:28:18
@JJ Welp, the maximum I can amplify something in Audacity is... exactly +0.0 dB. And... that doesn't help my case XDXD
I want to be able to actually increase the volume of any audio file above the threshold of any DAW (before it starts clipping), including Audacity. The closest suggestion I've gotten so far is normalizing, so maybe I'll try that. Thanks though!
Posted by: Fyrebreak on 2017-12-23 01:32:37
@SingleCoil Thanks for the suggestion Coil, I've looked at it and decided that I don't really want to deamplify anything to fit under the amplitude threshold of any DAW, Audacity included.
(By amplitude threshold I mean how loud audio files can be before they start clipping in the DAW)
Looking for a way to amplify an audio file permanently without clipping happening at all. Don't want to use a different balance for the mix, I think the mix balance is perfect but people have to really turn up their speakers to appreciate it ;)

P.S. Thanks much for the encouragement! It helps :D
Posted by: Fyrebreak on 2017-12-23 01:43:25