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by Maja (majastrodon)
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Submitted: 2018-02-12 23:11:10
Updated: 2018-02-12 23:11:10
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Name: majastrodon - The Devil.mmpz Download

Well, hello there!

We've never met before. You might be asking yourself: "Who tf is this and why does this person upload a song without introducing?"

Well, you might not, but I don't care. Let me introduce myself now. My name is Maja, I'm 15 and I'm from Belgium, but I natively speak German. I seem to be the only female producer on here, so I'm kinda special lol.

I do lots of genres, but I'll mainly do Psy Trance, Hard Techno and other stuff like that. This project is my first track. I know, I know, it's almost entirely made out of loops and stuff, but I just started making music. Don't be rude. i will try to use as much native samples as I can. But until now, I'll use external ones. You can of course ask for all the samples I use and I will provide a download link.

I'll also upload my tracks to Soundcloud, if you guys are ok with that. If you want to ask me any questions, text me on Soundcloud or on Instagram: majastrodon

I hope you like my first track! :)

BTW: This track is 7 minutes long, I know. That's how this genre works.


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