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by Nymbius (Texxiliator)
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LMMS Version: 1.2.0.rc5
Submitted: 2018-04-29 13:56:32
Updated: 2018-04-29 13:56:32
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Here you go

Same sound as before..
200 and 550Hz ! "box + resonance effect".. use final EQ.. more brief notes on some instruments?
or replace some instruments?Posted by: gdd71 on 2018-04-29 14:38:07
This is very good. I love the arrangement, especially. So, please know everything else I'm about to say is just honest feedback. I feel like 33-49 doesn't fit. You built up nicely leading to it with this upbeat vibe and when we reach 33, I'm expecting a solid lead melody to take off. Instead, the backing harmony shifts to a melancholy tone and the lead is absent.

I wouldn't mind taking a stab at this, but I'm going on a road trip for the next week. I would start by moving 33-101 to 49-134 and building a new lead into 33-49. I think I'd introduce the FM Squares there, as well, so that they pop when used alone at 89-96.Posted by: Mark Slatcher on 2018-04-29 17:56:10
Sorry, meant to say brushes and FM SquaresPosted by: Mark Slatcher on 2018-04-29 17:58:10