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by Sparsh Nidhi (WINNER_NISPARS)
Size: 5 KB
License: Common Public License
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2018-05-20 07:26:48
Updated: 2018-05-20 07:26:48
Popularity:  300   2
Rating:    2
Name: LEGIT.mmpz Download

This was one of my first projects in LMMS.... The starting is still off... need to tie the loose ends..
Still, I like the tune... :)

Hi there @WINNER_NISPARS! And thanks for sharing your wonderful tune! I like it too. So much that I decided to do a remix of it. Hope you don't mind :) by: NiftySardine on 2018-07-24 08:31:17