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by BBTB (BringBackTheBass)
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Submitted: 2018-07-10 08:13:16
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Name: Riverside 2009 (NO NAME Remix)(MP3).mmpz Download

Hi all, we are a LMMS-based community... even if there there some of us that use fl studio :P. We are all beginning producers, and the purpose of this community is to work and learn together, by doing collabs or else ;). I am uploading MP3s only on this site, so u can hear what we do.
JACK-Zer0! and me have been using LMMS for a year now, and i'm learning FL Studio . If you are a producer, whatever your tracks's genre, come join us on Soundcloud :)

Much love and Warm regards to all of the LMMS comunity, and all the producers out here :)

-Bring Back The Bass


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