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by UH i have a real name? (VortexSupernova_)
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Submitted: 2018-07-28 08:14:51
Updated: 2018-07-28 08:14:51
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Name: VortexSupernova's Supersaw (House, Hardcore, Trance).xpf Download

Base supersaw using unison. You can use this raspy supersaw in house, hardcore, trance, or any general EDM.

Optional and can be disabled:
1. Calf flanger - causes the little flange effect
5. Plate 2x2 - reverb/space addition
May be changed by the user:
EQ - equalizer, changes the dominance of frequency/ies in the waveform
Calf limiter - this controls the amplification/loudness thru the "Limit" parameter
Vital to the preset (may not be changed):
Calf exciter - I don't know how this actually works. It emphasizes certain harmonics/frequencies.

-- VOICES --
(inside the ZASFX through "show GUI">Edit instrument>ADsynth EDIT>Show Voice list)
If you find some sounds in the preset thst you don't like, you can disable or edit them through:
1 - main/original
2 - same as main but with different waveform
3 - lower 1 octave than the original
4 - higher 1 octave than the original
for a more hardcore feel, you may disable voices 3 and 4 and increase the frequency spread of voice 1 or 2.

*This was made in LMMS rc-5. Sounds may be different in some versions.
You may add this to your own compilations submitted anywhere on the web :)


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