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by Alex (NiftySardine)
Size: 47 KB
License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0-rc7
Submitted: 2018-10-14 12:01:45
Updated: 2020-07-01 15:28:23
Popularity:  330   36
Rating:    36
Name: Journey in the Deep.mmpz  Download

Oh boy, another dance-ish song with those chords. And everyone loves a lead... or maybe not. Trying to make it sound as nice as possible. Is it too much? All feedback appreciated!


Sweet, after 1:36 I lose interest, more varied melody will be good. Sound very nice, but after 1:36 not like too.. Posted by: gdd71  on 2018-10-14 16:41:57
Thanks! I was afraid the initial lead melody would be too much, but the fact that it kept your interest up, I take as success. I'll keep in mind to make more variation in the future... Posted by: NiftySardine  on 2018-10-14 17:23:07
variation in the future...👍 2 or 3 melody combination is good choice and pitch up/down also.. but it's relative, depends what you want to do. Some trance style music requires monotony. Posted by: gdd71  on 2018-10-14 18:39:00
I think it's a great song. I like some of the transitions and instruments and drum patterns but it feels like it repeats too much in certain places. Maybe that was the feel you were going for, but I think it might be a tad too long with the same pieces Posted by: AVeryCrispRat  on 2018-10-14 21:54:03
Thanks for the feedback @AVeryCrispRat! I can see your point. Will try more to not over-use the same notes next time. Posted by: NiftySardine  on 2018-10-15 15:36:01
I didn't find it all that repetitive, personally. A little variation would be nice, of course, but this is damn good as it is. Personally, I'd change some instruments from synth to soundfont to soften it a bit (high-pitched synths are my least favorite), but that's more personal preference than it is technical advice. Posted by: Mark Slatcher  on 2018-10-18 01:03:00