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by Jibin (Jibin)
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Submitted: 2018-11-05 09:01:01
Updated: 2018-11-05 09:08:39
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This is a contrasting theme with Dark base. This will help the Visually impaired (not colour blind) users (blindness of upto 40%) by providing better contrast. And it is a bit colourful and funky, so normal people will also enjoy using this theme.

Overview of Dark Contrast Theme:
In this screenshot you can see the following:
1. Red Hover on "Add BB track".
2. Active track"TNT-02. WAV in red
3. Highlighted FX Mixer channel in red.
4. 'Draw tool' active in Green colour
5. Loop Brush/markers active in Red Colour
6. In the FX Mixer, you can see the 'Send button' active in Red colour.

Piano Roll:
You can see the selected notes in red and an open menu bar with Red Hover:

Automation Editor:
You can see the Red hover and Green selection/ highlight in the Sidebar

Song Editor:
You can see the selected tracks in Pink like colour and Muted tracks in dark grey. And you can also see that the 'Selection' and 'Metronome' buttons are active in Green Color.


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