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by Jibin (Jibin)
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Submitted: 2018-11-28 14:57:48
Updated: 2020-06-09 09:55:48
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This is a modern colourful theme based on Wind and Flame. Check out the theme here:


In this screenshot, you can see the following:
1. Draw tool selected in Green colour
2. Loop indicator (brush) in Red colour/
3. Hover effect on Hihat Track in Red Colour.
4. 'TNT-02.wav' track selected in Green Colour.

Song Editor:
In this screenshot, you can see the following:
1. The selection tool selected in Green colour, also showing the tool tip.
2. Muted Choir pad and automation track in Grey colour.
3. Bass 1 and FM bass 2 midi clip selected in Pink colour.
4. Metronome Button selected in Green colour, in the main toolbar.

Piano Roll:
Here you can see the following:
1. 'My Home' side bar open with 'Favourites' selected in Dark Blue and hover effect on "Music", in Red colour.
2. In the Piano Roll, the Draw tool is selected in Green and Notes are selected in Red Colour.

Automation Editor:
Here you can see the following:
1. View menu open with the hover on 'Volume as dBFS' in Red colour.
2. Draw tool and 'Cubic Hermite Progression' selected in Green colour.


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