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by Andrew (Gaidukevich)
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Submitted: 2018-12-19 09:12:22
Updated: 2018-12-19 09:12:22
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Name: Посвящается рабочим дизайнерам (Devote to workers designers).mmpz Download

Tody not very good happenedPosted by: Gaidukevich on 2018-12-19 09:13:47
What do you mean? It sounds exactly like your project from yesterday...and the project before that and... you get the gistPosted by: Squatro on 2018-12-19 09:59:36
I couldn't make good atmosphere and melody more amazing because was hurry and meet some not compatable sounds there... I mean it can be betterPosted by: Gaidukevich on 2018-12-19 10:27:18
You should slow down, and try to put more work into your projects.
You are pushing out these projects like a factory line...Posted by: Squatro on 2018-12-19 10:43:22