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by Anlu Rode (argrama)
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Submitted: 2019-04-16 15:39:25
Updated: 2019-04-16 15:39:25
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FlashbackNG is a retro 0.4.x UI style.
> New splash screen
> the old 0.4.x Fade knob adapted for 1.2-rcs
> some fix on the package (my old flashback theme was not working)
> dark background

I appreciate this project. Nice job for the most part, but I thought this lacked some of the nostalgic elements, so I made some (probably very messy) changes to the CSS. Most notably changed song editor note/automation pattern colors to orange, the default BB track color to blue, and note colors in piano editor to green. Here's the CSS by: Jernemiez on 2019-06-11 05:04:11