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by Jousboxx (Jousboxx)
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License: Creative Commons (by-nc-sa)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0.rc5
Submitted: 2019-05-04 16:14:46
Updated: 2019-05-17 04:16:01
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Rating:    16
Name: Fyrebreak & Jousboxx featuring Joelle J - Beyond.mmpz Download

ATTENTION: You might encounter a glitch where the file downloads as "Fyrebreak". The entire project is there, but the rest of the title and the .mmpz has been dropped. If you're having this problem, rename it to Fyrebreak.mmpz and it will work. Thanks to ARTRO FIFTEEN for bringing this to my attention!

Here are all the samples you'll need:
Create a subfolder in your sample folder called "beyond" and put them all in the top level.

It also has one instance of FerricTDS but it shouldn't be too much of a big deal if you don't have that.

A couple things to note:
1) There is a peak controller on the vocal channel that pushes down the rest of the song in the vocal frequency range while the vocal is playing. Due to the bug where peak controllers reset to 0 on project load, the song will sound really thin until you play the vocal, then it will suddenly jump back to normal.

2) I don't know if the ocean_waves and airplane sample tracks will load properly, because I think they're absolute paths. Just make sure to point them to their corresponding samples.

If you have any questions, send me a message on Discord (Jousboxx#2428), or an email ( I'm really inactive on the LSP and I probably won't see your comments here.

Awesome work!
Posted by: KnightXx on 2019-05-04 19:48:42
Really good work but its really hard to figure out what the vocals are (maybe for me personally). But other than that, good work! Posted by: Big_Boi on 2019-05-06 16:08:12