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by Tony De Marcos (II ORIGINAL II)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0
Submitted: 2019-08-02 16:06:16
Updated: 2019-08-02 16:10:57
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short happy trap beat
all sounds are included

man i need some sleep it's like 2 in the morning Posted by: II ORIGINAL II on 2019-08-02 16:07:20
This is actually pretty good. I just hate to see that B&B used for everything.Posted by: Texxiliator on 2019-08-02 18:10:19
Sweet thx and whats a B&B?Posted by: II ORIGINAL II on 2019-08-04 08:06:47
Nice mix, I have to agree! I think Texxiliator refers to the Beat/Basslines.Posted by: NiftySardine on 2019-08-06 19:11:38
Ahhh ok ik what you mean Posted by: II ORIGINAL II on 2019-08-06 23:58:51