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by FW4 (FW4)
Size: 50 KB
License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0-rc7
Submitted: 2019-08-28 07:52:04
Updated: 2020-06-29 15:57:34
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Rating:    1
Name: Blur.mmpz  Download

Hi everyone ! Today I will show ou 3 new songs on my first EP!
I don't now how many time I work on this project but I worked a lot.
I hope you will like all the song ^_^
Blur is first song that I made for the EP. It was very difficult, I worked a lot on this song. i asked me a lot on question with this song : is it the right synth? How can I change the chord progression?... But finaly the song is here and I hope you will like it ^_^




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