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by sam roberts (carefreemofo)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.9
Submitted: 2011-06-27 10:52:28
Updated: 2011-06-27 10:52:28
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Name: dream-mare (so far).mmpz Download

this is a slight alteration to my 2nd track. Please let me know what you think. The download will work on this one and the youtube link below is to preview it. PLEASE CRITICISE! I want to improve :D

thank you,

mm ..most audio samples are blank T.T..

Posted by: Hashhakaj on 2011-06-27 18:25:30
I agree that its pretty impossible to listen to without the samples - but the youtube video gives a great idea of what you're up to.

My internet is shaped at the moment so I can only hear part of it (up to 2:16), but from what I've heard already, I think its GREAT.

Very nice job on the build up - not too fast, not too slow, and I'm really liking the evolution through the song.

Top job - I'm looking forward to your next piece! =DPosted by: socceroos on 2011-07-07 06:51:11