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by Vav
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LMMS Version: 1.2.1
Submitted: 2019-12-26 22:50:15
Updated: 2019-12-26 22:50:15
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Hey guys! Happy holidays!

Someone asked me a few days ago for a sample track showcasing my interpretation of "fun, upbeat music with a call to action". I started this track from scratch the same night. The theme was very broad, so I took some inspiration from two big examples of video game tunes that match it very well; Mario Bros. and Pokemon soundtracks. I think I hit somewhere between the two, but everyone can judge for themselves.

I used Soundfonts a lot in this one to get a more believable orchestral feel. I'll link the files as best I can, but if you open the project file you will see that there are duplicates of several tracks, which might make figuring out the right soundfont files a bit tricky... but here goes. There are five in total, and I'll put them on my Google Drive for a while if you want to grab them to try out. They are old and are royalty free as well.

I renamed the intrigue SF track "cymbals". Everything else should hopefully be straightforward for those crazy enough to try and reassemble it fully. If you are having trouble message me on SoundCloud and I'll try to help more.

Some of the tracks are duplicates because I wanted to try out a new method of panning my instruments. Others are duplicates because of the awful new bug that loses sections in the song editor. This is my insurance against losing work, as awkward as it is. Not fun, but I understand that the bug has been difficult to resolve, so I want to keep working hoping that a solution is discovered soon.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the track. Please leave some feedback! I especially want to know if you thought the panning was well executed, and how the mix sounded overall (these are two areas I'm really trying to improve right now).

wowPosted by: AzL on 2019-12-27 03:36:14
Sounds really awesome actually! What sound fonts do you like? And what bug about losing tracks are you speaking about?Posted by: kgub on 2019-12-27 14:54:26
Just saw this question, my favorite sf2 file in that bunch is the SGM V2.01 collection. It's probably the highest quality and has a large selection of orchestral and non-orchestral instruments. By today's standards it's subpar but it can still make a nice-sounding song.

The bug I was referring to was one I brought up on the forums where sections in the song editor will disappear on saving and reloading. Musikbear told me on the support forum that it was a known issue and that it was probably related to whether a section is copied or not. As far as I know there still isn't a known fix for it, but hopefully we can find it soon.
Posted by: Vav on 2020-01-03 10:06:34