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by Solaris (Solaris)
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Submitted: 2020-01-29 21:09:07
Updated: 2020-01-29 21:34:14
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Name: Solaris - Tokyo Redux (Updated Audio).mmpz Download

I know what you're thinking right now: How could the impeccable and incredibly talented Solaris remake one song three times? The plan is simple. Introduce a whole new instrument and add a new bassline and we are set to go! Now three times more racist sounding!

Jokes aside, I did actually make this song sound even more amazing than before. Download the song, you won't regret it.

Tokyo (2019) for comparison:
Tokyo (2017) if you dare to listen:

new version LMMS!!!!! BEEEEST by: on 2020-02-02 14:29:15