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by Alex (NiftySardine)
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License: Creative Commons (by-sa)
LMMS Version: 1.2.0.rc8
Submitted: 2020-07-19 20:50:17
Updated: 2020-07-19 20:55:34
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Name: LFO experiment.mmpz Download

Is it possible to play a short song on repeat but keep it interesting through LFOs? Only stock stuff...

This is quite an interesting concept. I would love to see more of this in the future.Posted by: JordanKyser on 2020-07-19 21:29:53
Pretty interesting use of automation here.Posted by: Popsip on 2020-07-19 21:55:18
Can I change your project idea into a tutorialPosted by: Hyper X on 2020-07-20 03:04:35
Go ahead Hyper X. But I wouldn't recommend the way that pitch shift was set up... it took a while to figure out and get right.Posted by: NiftySardine on 2020-07-20 07:13:19
I copied the idea from this extensive Ableton live tutorial, it's worth checking out, much of it can be achieved (somehow) in LMMS:
Posted by: NiftySardine on 2020-07-20 07:23:33