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by Justin Soulia (GrueKun)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 0.4.10
Submitted: 2011-08-09 19:54:44
Updated: 2011-08-09 22:27:51
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Name: Buzzy.mmpz Download

EDIT: A rendered version is here if you have problems with the project file or think it sounds wrong.

A short, gritty tune I put together while experimenting with VST(i) instruments in LMMS. It is important to note that this song will not work unless you get the TranceDrive VSTi instrument by Malik Menz (Google it, its free). Then tell the Buzz instrument where the plugin is. Bring up the plugin GUI and in the preset box choose BS Offbeat and it *should* adjust accordingly (no guarantees). If it does not...well...the instrument won't sound too good. lol


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