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by pbimal
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Submitted: 2020-12-26 13:03:58
Updated: 2020-12-26 13:17:11
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Maadal (a percursion instrument from Nepal) playing in Jhyaaure beats. Individual samples are downloadable at: Those sample sounds were recorded by the author. And they are in public domain. You can use them in your work. Several tutorials were seen as a reference to learn how to name the sound sample files, how to play the real maadal instrument, names of the beats etc. Credits should go to several artists who produced the free video tutorials about the instrument, and Wikipedia.

Loop organized in LMMS beat/baseline editor. A loop contains 6 samples in a row and repetitions:
1. dhing
2. silence (no sound)
3. taang
4. taak
5. dhing
6. naa

Tempo adjusted to 96 bpm. Please feedback.


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