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by Jere (Jernemiez)
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Submitted: 2021-03-18 19:59:34
Updated: 2021-03-21 12:02:12
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Just project file containing a bunch of presets from my 5 years of slowly coming back from hiatus. Mostly ZynaddsubFX presets, but there are some others as well. DO NOTE that I love to use velocity sensitivity for versatility and expressive options, which means that you can get sometimes wildly different results by altering velocity of notes in the piano roll. Try these with full and partial velocity. You can also alter the base velocity in settings if so desired, but you lose some of the range of expression on offer.
If you want to hear these in action, a decent bunch of these are from Ceminox:

RetroSynthbass2 in the beginning and the end, EchoyBGnoise after 0:33, 1:19, 1:27, SynleadRaw with distortion and delay after 0:48, eBass1 with distortion after 1:27, Ambienstringpad after 1:27 (Shoutout to this pad sounding like a church organ at 5:09 onwards), Zigzagbass at 1:52, after 2:11 and 3:23, SquaretoSineLead with slightly different effects after 3:01.

Far as VSTs go, I used Camelcrusher, the Dead Duck plugin suite, Emissary amp sim in some of these, but they're mostly easily replaced. The only sticky one will be Camelcrusher on the lead preset I used it on, otherwise you can substitute or forego any of these with ease.


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