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by Jan Domalewski (TheQuazet)
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Submitted: 2021-04-08 19:38:24
Updated: 2021-04-11 10:46:24
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CAMELEON is new release of Flat_Cameleon theme

Tested on LMMS 1.2, 1080p, Manjaro (AppImage) and Windows
(It works for LMMS 1.3, but I haven't tested all parameters)



- BB buttons (pads) more centered and finally exactly same color as BB trackview
- fresh wave-buttons
- maintoolbar oscilator with same color palette
- better Pianoroll – added gentle gradient (more soft looking)
- better Automation Editor – same as above
- new fader leds and background (FX mixer)
- new, matching background
- fresh buttons: "x100", "/100", "x1" in LFO controller
- more yellowish green for Piano trackview and notes (the present one does not differ enough, the main - bluish green here looks bad)
- small adjustments with palette for a cleaner interface
- completly new splashscreen (without alpha channel – sometimes not work)


New composition:
- all buttons and toolbars now are flat
- better spacing
New Palette:
- goal: keep the character of the default colors
- soft pastel colors, easy on the eyes,
- main green now is more blueish
- peach red accents for contrast
- soft orange for samples
- green for Piano trackview and notes
- deep blue for BB trackview
- more pinkish purple for Automation trackview and graph
- less contrasting Pianoroll
- send buttons in FX mixer now are clear and symbolic arrows
- new led lights
- better maintoolbar sliders
- changed splash-screen
- new screenscroll sliders
- new arrows
- new effects chain background
- new knobs
- better BB buttons (pads) and better scalling them on fullscreen


- Default theme
- All changes are made by me alone

- Breath2 Kde De Theme,
- FL Studio,

- Liquid-improved by Ektod
- Just-Dark by Ruly_cz


My authorship.
If you create theme based on this, please link to this page.
If you use it in public otherwise, it would be great to be mentioned BUT NOT REQUIRED

I'm flattered that you used my song "The Chosen One" as previews for this theme!
Now I will definitely download this :)Posted by: Solaris on 2021-04-13 18:07:57
this theme right here is so high quality, feels premium. i am exited to see what comes next Posted by: Tobi1740 on 2021-04-14 10:36:50
Better than before. I think that this is going to the top :DPosted by: Ruly_cz on 2021-04-19 07:07:37
"LGBT llama"
I see what you did therePosted by: turtwillhurt on 2021-04-19 14:01:36
Much easier to navigate... and easier on the eyes. Thanks!Posted by: newsguy on 2021-04-28 02:51:13