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by Gigi (Reverb Queen)
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Submitted: 2021-04-14 00:35:01
Updated: 2021-04-14 00:35:01
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if you're reading this lost robot, I shouldn't have to kiss ass to mods just so I can get my way, and you've could've ignored the damn message, and just because I am a musician doesn't mean I have to obey everyone's command. I am tired of mods and admins in social groups acting like they're kings and we obey them. I PM'D YOU!!! I don't have to follow rules for the lmms discord or any at all in a pm, so like why bruh? or better yet just block me then or don't respond, I was very shocked you responded so fast to a dumb message.

If this effects my role in the BOLing I won't care that much. I found out the only people that win are the judges from the last contests, devs, and veteran lmms users.


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