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by Joshua Flynn (raptor980)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.12
Submitted: 2011-10-17 21:57:17
Updated: 2011-10-18 13:42:35
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Rating:    11
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A cover of Fireflies by Owl City. Needs some tweaks but I hope you enjoy it. It's not completely finished and chorus needs some adjustments. Please tell me what you think of it.

Well done!Posted by: Avileo on 2011-10-19 06:03:27
Thank you.Posted by: raptor980 on 2011-10-19 09:57:53
Pretty well done. You're a heck of a musician... I can't now quickly dig up any big flaws from this. =PPosted by: Jernemies on 2011-10-20 10:06:33
Thanks, but believe me there are a few mistakes in the chorus that I'm still working out. Thank you for the comment.
Posted by: raptor980 on 2011-10-21 17:19:12
Not my kind of music, but still impressive skills.Posted by: Yure16 on 2011-10-22 12:52:10
Thanks Yure! Love your music.Posted by: raptor980 on 2011-11-03 12:33:26