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by Paul Jay Schrenker (pauljs75)
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License: Creative Commons (by-sa)
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2012-03-08 06:47:40
Updated: 2012-03-08 06:56:40
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Rating:    4
Name: Funky Inustrial thing.mmpz Download

This short and stupid track was made following some classic and easy-cheesy "formula" for industrial music:

1. Weird audio quotes from some an obscure short film or old video.
2. Electronic beeps and buzzes.
3. Spooky violin sound.
4. Audio sample ripped from a ... lol guess
5. Hard sounding distorted guitar.

You'd be surprised at how well it works.

I don't know if the audio samples embed in the MMPZ or not, but the rest which is part of LMMS might be interesting to look at even if it is a mess. (Probably better that the samples aren't in there, but if they are I figure it falls under fair use as clips are short and distorted and there's no $$$ in doing this. Regardless, you can always come up with something else to throw in AudioFileProcessor or the sample track.)

lol thats crazy :P i sort of like it though :) Posted by: GRESHZ on 2012-03-08 11:54:22
Eh, nice.Posted by: Yure16 on 2012-03-10 18:56:59