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by Yure (Yure16)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 0.4.10
Submitted: 2012-04-15 01:46:54
Updated: 2012-04-15 01:46:54
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Name: Glitched Project.mmp Download

You can try it in your own home:
1) Create a LFO controller with a pulse wave at /100.
2) Open LB302.
3) Connect VCF to the controller you just created.
4) It's supposed to close the program by itself.
LMMS 0.4.10 under Ubuntu 11.10.
Additional details:
Cutoff, ressonance and that knob right after ressonance were connected to different controllers (sine/100, triangle/100, sawtooth/100) and had a rather fast one-octave arpeggio.

0.4.13 takes no effect from this, which rises another question... 0.4.10? Is that working better, or just having multiple versions stashed at the back of your comp?Posted by: Jernemies on 2012-04-16 17:54:20
I noticed, from the way you arrange GUS-patches, that you use Windows.
In Ubuntu, there's two ways of installing something: dpkg and compilation.
To use dpkg, I have to download a .deb file containing the program, double-click it and watch the magic, like Windows NSIS installers in .exe. But there's no .deb package of LMMS 0.4.13, not that I know. The other way is to compile source-code using CMake. This is a more complicated procedure that can get you stuck in a salad of dependences, it can be long, tedious and might simply fail. To do that, I need LMMS source code in a .tar.bz2 file. I know where to find the lastest LMMS source, just waiting for me to compile, but I fail everytime I try.
Posted by: Yure16 on 2012-04-16 18:31:34
Ah =O. I'm not an expert, but maybe the folk at IRC would know something helpful. Though if not... Your work hasn't suffered from that.Posted by: Jernemies on 2012-04-16 19:01:51
I'll stick with 0.4.10 and save my next try at compilation for when a new instrument plugin is released.x3Posted by: Yure16 on 2012-04-16 19:38:27

I use Ubuntu too. You can get LMMS through here:

If you install this archive you can download lmms 0.4.13 fine.Posted by: socceroos on 2012-04-19 08:35:17
@Sam: I wanted to take an afternoon nap today, but now I'm totally redoing my plans. Thank you very much!:3Posted by: Yure16 on 2012-04-20 15:53:21