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by Impulslogik
Size: 38 KB
License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2012-04-22 15:54:32
Updated: 2012-04-22 15:54:32
Popularity:  1769   60
Rating:    60
Name: Impulslogik - Illnizz.mmpz Download

Out of the box production => LMMS 0.4.13, WinXP

No extern synths or effects. Mostly used ZynAddSubFX and TrippleOscillator.

Mastered Version here:

You can also visit me on:

Thanks to LMMS-Team for that great tool.

MfG, Impulslogik :o)

That is very good. I really like how you used the Butterworth highpass effect.Posted by: captaincough on 2012-04-22 16:05:32
I have no words to describe how you made the instrument files sound so impressive and original.Posted by: Yure16 on 2012-04-22 20:08:59
nice!!Posted by: GRESHZ on 2012-04-23 13:55:17
thanks to all for commenting and voting...Posted by: Impulslogik on 2012-04-27 08:14:40
I can remix it? Posted by: Sketchjc on 2013-03-05 22:58:28
@julio (Sketchjc)

for sure...happy remixing :-)
Posted by: Impulslogik on 2013-05-09 10:31:52