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by Yure (Yure16)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 0.4.10
Submitted: 2012-05-15 17:16:09
Updated: 2012-05-15 17:16:09
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Attempt at counterpoint. One could say that my counterpoint melody is based on that melody we see in one of LMMS 0.4.13 projects, the violin one that sounds like synthetic classical, but I didn't thought about it until I finished the first eight bars of the counterpoint. I knew I listened to those three starting notes before, but couldn't point out where. Plus, I use 0.4.10, so that project isn't here, in my HD.
Talking about this one:
Well... let's hope that Ümit doesn't complain... If he does, I'll try to take it down (the delete file button doesn't appear to me anymore since I switched to Ubuntu). But I decided to point out the similatity and give the link to ease the damage I might suffer.


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