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by Deosarran O. Ramsingh (InfamousKid)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
Submitted: 2012-10-21 22:54:10
Updated: 2012-10-22 15:17:37
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This is a theme i made out of complete boredom so this would be the first theme LMMS has ever gotten

to install go to where ever your lmms data folder is which is in the deep confines of the studios installation directory [which ever one you used to download (64 or 32)] and go to where it says themes and add the flipped folder to it.

NOTE: If the theme happens to end up in another folder as in "subfolder" it would be in your best interest to take it out

in the future i will add a download link that will give you an installer for any new themes i have

on this site ill upload a package that you can extract... The download i add whenever i get around to making it.

You inspired me to make my own theme and upload it. Thanks a lot!!!Posted by: Sti2nd on 2012-10-27 12:03:48