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by Fiona (Fiona)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.8
Submitted: 2012-12-06 22:26:30
Updated: 2012-12-06 22:26:30
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Rating:    10
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Doctor Who, season 6 theme music (cover).

I havenĀ“t heard the them actually, but your song is good. Think it needs more dark sounds/bass and longer sounds, optionally reverb on some sounds.Posted by: Sti2nd on 2012-12-07 20:16:21
it is so cool. but is not quite right.instead of the violin u could use something little more doctor whoish. like space strings. other than that its cool. bow ties are trying make season 4 doctor who themePosted by: Ranger on 2012-12-08 01:35:58
Glad y'all like it. :) I am still working on it too, hoping to make it more dynamic, as well as adding some drums. Posted by: Fiona on 2012-12-12 02:59:33
Good idea!!.I would suggest to making this piece longer.Percussion could be added too.something to work on.Otherwise,really good!!.,

bjdon.Posted by: bjdon on 2013-07-11 17:55:49
Any advice you can give me regarding my musicis is also very welcome.We can all learn from each other.,

bjdon.Posted by: bjdon on 2013-07-11 17:57:22