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by Sti-Jay (Sti2nd)
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Submitted: 2012-12-07 12:42:09
Updated: 2014-12-08 04:29:54
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Get ready for the latest and my most tested theme ever. With brilliant interaction between various colours you are sure to get the best out of LMMS and your music production!

A major progress for me in making themes. This theme brings you all new icons and colours. If you do not like an element in the theme, you can find the corresponding icon and switch it with any icon you like, and from this day and on you now have four different themes to choose from!

Because the sharing platform does not handle zip files, I use 7-Zip to compress, first to tar and then to bzip2 or gzip. So you might have to uncompress twice. Please let me now if you know a solution to this problem!

Can't download your music.Check your settings on your computer.I can download other people's music.Just alerting you to this issue.Might be worthwhile to investigate.,

bjdon.Posted by: bjdon on 2013-07-11 10:29:06