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by te (partog)
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Submitted: 2013-01-01 16:50:31
Updated: 2013-01-02 16:58:22
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my part 1 song :)

Not to bad for a start. But you could turn down the volume of a few things. That might help a bit.

Good job!Posted by: ZAPSTER38 on 2013-01-02 13:54:53
thanks for your advice, friend..
i use my poor headphone to create this song
so, i can't hear that sound so clear :)
Posted by: partog on 2013-01-03 17:09:37
Is that your attempt at tran-siberian orchestra? pretty coolPosted by: guitarplayer on 2013-01-22 23:45:42
gordon, i haven't hear tran-siberian orchestra before, maybe only like that
but, thanks for your comment :)
Posted by: partog on 2013-02-11 16:41:32