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by te (partog)
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License: Common Public License
LMMS Version: 0.4.10
Submitted: 2013-01-08 17:39:53
Updated: 2013-01-21 15:24:22
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basses LoL
unfinished , i dont know much about trance :))

let all come and dance Posted by: RAJAN on 2013-01-12 13:43:20
let dance together :PPosted by: partog on 2013-01-14 13:59:25
Oddly cathcy, Lol. Volume makes it sound distorted D: Luckily it's easily fixed.Posted by: Jernemies on 2013-01-22 21:08:33
thanks jere!
i use my old headphone to make it, sound so quiet
or maybe my ear can't hear it loudly :P
Posted by: partog on 2013-02-11 16:35:31
Good..Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-03-30 14:18:30
thanks Shashikant :)Posted by: partog on 2013-04-06 18:51:47
some instruments are too loud. the track is also a bit loud but that does not spoil the fun ....Posted by: warrior13 on 2014-06-18 16:30:22