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by Isaac (EarthReal)
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License: BSD
LMMS Version: 0.4.14.rc1
Submitted: 2013-02-20 20:37:54
Updated: 2013-02-20 22:47:06
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Composed ‎February ‎18, ‎2013 by EarthReal

A small loop to express my weird, quirky songwriting.

Cool! Can I remix this so its a little longer?Posted by: ZAPSTER38 on 2013-02-21 17:30:09
Yeah, go ahead. Just make sure to add a link to this page in the description. by: EarthReal on 2013-02-21 18:34:53
Whoa, my comment got messed up :SPosted by: EarthReal on 2013-02-21 18:35:34
keep up the good workPosted by: guitarplayer on 2013-03-03 23:29:53