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by Yure (Yure16)
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Submitted: 2013-02-21 04:39:08
Updated: 2013-02-21 04:39:08
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For Arineu's "Cyber Resistence" game. It's supposed to be fitting for Egypt. However, given the nature of the game, it had to be strong and uplifting. Arineu makes it sound like it's a fighting game, rather than an exploration game, but I'm unsure. If it's exploration, keep the tempo 120. If it's fighting, rise the tempo to 140 or 160.

Excellent! ۵ Stars.Posted by: saber on 2013-02-21 19:20:37
Thanks for sharing.Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-03-08 09:30:50