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by Stuart (stuarttw)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2013-05-12 20:08:40
Updated: 2013-05-12 20:08:40
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Rating:    4
Name: voltrax remix.mmpz Download
it's is in first class level ... better than my track u had corrected my drawback's .....and thank's for ur idea& tricks ... you had given me........... have an nive day......

-----------------thank u stuart----------------
Posted by: RAHUL on 2013-05-13 05:08:51
@Stuart.. I think one of the basic issue with this piece was the harmony.. And if you notice, it's still the same..

The beat and the First song track still don't fit well with each other..Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-05-13 05:56:35
I wasn't trying to make this song perfect, I was just trying to make the song better. I agree the song is pretty much the same, but i did small adjustments just to make it less unharmonized.Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-05-13 17:29:27
Does anyone know how to slur? Also, how do you use the wave graph in audiofileprocessor?Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-05-13 20:08:26