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by enzo kay kay (dareenzo)
Size: 5 KB
License: Green openmusic
LMMS Version: 0.3.1
Submitted: 2008-02-23 06:04:05
Updated: 2008-02-23 06:04:05
Popularity:  635   4
Rating:    4
Name: realhiphop.mmpz  Download

a nice semi hip-hop song.
please comment about it

This is really great stuff! Good phrasing, nothing happens too quickly or too slowly, and the sound levels are just right. I'd personally try to tidy up the ending - it ends a little abruptly. But otherwise, this is really good! And, a tip - to get the three octave chords easily in the Piano2.ogg, go to the ARP/CHORD tab of the instrument, turn on the Chord section, then select 'Octaves' from the drop-down menu and select '3' on the knob. Hey presto, instant three-octave chords without having to write three notes! Of course, this trick doesn't work if you want to vary the notes occasionally and the chord you want isn't in the drop-down list, but for most of the time it's very useful. Posted by: PaulWay  on 2008-03-02 16:19:42
Nice hip-hop sound. Beat could hit a bit harder. Author leaves comments that LMMS is in lack of samples, I think LMMS gives authors an opportunity to include their own samples, and make their own sounds. Overall good track, but not worth using as an example to base any songs from. -Tres Posted by: fatbuttlarry  on 2008-03-03 04:25:53