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by Jere Klaavo (Jernemies)
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License: Creative Commons (by-nc-sa)
LMMS Version: 0.4.14
Submitted: 2013-05-31 16:10:35
Updated: 2013-05-31 16:10:35
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Name: Fear of the dark.mmpz Download

Just to practice my skills with the default LMMS sample pack and synthetizers.
A cover of Hell Revealed 2 soundtrack, genre metal. HR2 has to have the most underrated soundtrack in history (seeing as HR2 is just one of many Doom 2 mods).

The song using Weeds soundfont:

All the elements are more apparent in the original version (i.e. played back with the default Microsoft GS synthetizer), but I can't tolerate those sounds nowadays (I've replaced that with Bassmidi playing back SGM v2.01. There are many other programs which let you do that, such as Synthfont), so I linked that instead.

Song originally by Grave, LMMS remaster/cover/remix by me.

The drums are good, but the power guitar sounds too harsh/loud for me. Like you I've also used Bassmidi to replace the default Microsoft GS synthesizer with something better.Posted by: Winwon on 2013-05-31 16:34:10
I agree with carlPosted by: stuarttw on 2013-05-31 16:44:55
carlo i meanPosted by: stuarttw on 2013-05-31 16:45:26
Hm, I found a way to make it sound better (C*CabinetII -> model "6" -> Gain around -13), but I can't delete this file to reupload. But this is why feedback is important, people ;) Anyway, thanks for the feedback, when I can control the song again, I'll reupPosted by: Jernemies on 2013-05-31 16:50:14