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by T. (TRoniX)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.14
Submitted: 2013-06-01 12:17:14
Updated: 2013-06-01 12:17:14
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Hi, this is my second upload. Hope you like it and comment please! :)
(already running out of names for songs)

nice melodies, nice melodies, I like it.Posted by: Nimmersatt on 2013-06-01 13:22:58
I feel like it's a remix of this: by: stuarttw on 2013-06-01 14:30:56
It's good btw.Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-06-01 14:31:18
what can I say? your a proPosted by: guitarplayer on 2013-06-01 15:40:26
@ Gordon: I like what you say :D. Do you see yourself as pro too?Posted by: TRoniX on 2013-06-02 02:55:40
That was brilliant @T.

You said it's your second project, It sounds like the work of an experienced.

Well Done, my friend. You are really very good.

I enjoyed your both songs a lot.

Keep up the good work. :)

Best of Luck.Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-06-02 06:19:44
T. (TRoniX): Yes, I'm ver Pro-vocative Posted by: guitarplayer on 2013-06-04 09:50:07
T. (TRoniX): Whoops...that came out wrong!Posted by: guitarplayer on 2013-06-04 09:52:11
Tipp: when you put the main pitch to -12 it sounds like a complete new song! wiard, isnt it?Posted by: TRoniX on 2013-06-05 05:42:28