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by Miljan Stojanovic (eniac1983)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.14-rc1
Submitted: 2013-06-13 11:17:43
Updated: 2013-06-13 11:17:43
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Rating:    3
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I made this tune to calm down my nerves when my washing mashine got broken. Finding a new one was soo frustrating for me so i decided to channel my frustration into a creative piece of music.. Thank you LMMS for enabling me to do that! :D
But this song has no name yet, so maybe someone can help me find a proper name and genere for it.
I hope you like it :)

you should break your washing mashine more often:p
5 starsPosted by: Pianist on 2013-06-13 11:23:11
Thanks guys, you are great !!!!:D
Posted by: eniac1983 on 2013-06-13 12:34:37
five freaken starsPosted by: kLik_kLak_dubs on 2013-06-13 17:15:09
I picture a fat man running to McDonald's. Posted by: DeltaX on 2013-09-21 23:14:58