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by Gabriel Fisher (Ghyschur)
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Submitted: 2013-06-20 05:33:52
Updated: 2013-06-20 05:33:52
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Name: Reqiuem Of A Dream (Ghyschur Remake).mmpz Download

A Remake of Requiem of a Dream that is originally by Mozart. This remake is in my Remodernized series on that can be downloaded for free. I hope you enjoy and feel free to use any parts of this in your own music.

Did you start from scratch or did you use an already-made project? It's nice, but there are a few tracks i would throw away, and if this is a remake of mozart wouldn't it be classical or a cover?Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-06-20 11:53:45
I listened to the song over and over to make it, and gave it my own spin on things. It is not suppose to sound authentic, just really creepy. If you have a problem with curtain tracks then take them out of your copy.Posted by: Ghyschur on 2013-07-07 18:47:41