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by Alex (theta4)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
Submitted: 2008-08-09 09:13:46
Updated: 2008-08-09 09:13:46
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Name: Wicked.xpf Download

This is a pretty sweet hoover-like sound. It is also known as WhatThe? Reese, and other names. It is described as a beehive-buzzing, jet-fighter wooshing, racecar screaming, all around wicked synth. A good effect is to add a feedback delay line tempo-sync'ed to a quarter note. This effect uses the Chorus1 and Chorus2 LADSPA effects, so make sure you have those installed (I just install all the LADSPA effects--you never know what you'll need ;D).
Not only is this a good synth, but it's also a good bass too. A good idea is to put a Lowpass on it, so that there's not too many high-tones, though.


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