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by Garrett (floft)
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License: Creative Commons (by-nc)
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2013-07-18 04:38:01
Updated: 2014-11-18 18:16:26
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Name: Jubilance.mmpz Download

Started out as a remake of a short song I created to showcase some synths, and over the past month or two it evolved into this. Note that I'm not all that great at mixing and mastering yet, so... just keep that in mind. ;) Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

A lot is going on, but it's beautiful. Nice Job.Posted by: Popsip on 2013-07-18 06:50:41
ThanksPosted by: floft on 2013-07-21 02:26:28 * speechless in the very positive way :D *Posted by: TRoniX on 2013-07-23 17:04:22