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by Tom (Abludo)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2013-07-21 12:25:06
Updated: 2013-07-23 11:23:21
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Rating:    9
Name: OneSmallStep.mmpz Download

This is just a small project, might expand, but I think I'll leave it for the moment.

Man, this is good! I hear some clipping(might be my headphones) so you could add a limiter to the master channel.Posted by: Squatro on 2013-07-21 12:37:44
well done!Posted by: boulder on 2013-07-22 08:03:40
excellent stuff manPosted by: kLik_kLak_dubs on 2013-07-22 17:40:19