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by bill (bjdon)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.14
Submitted: 2013-08-09 12:42:29
Updated: 2013-08-09 12:42:29
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Ghost Ships (c)2013.Posted by: bjdon on 2013-08-09 13:07:38
OMG. This could have been a film track. As a song it is rather bad though XDPosted by: Sti2nd on 2013-08-09 20:17:35
To Stian: You know what?.Instead of naming it SHARE YOUR SONGS they should name it SHARE YOUR MUSIC.I think that's a great about you?.Keep writing.,

Posted by: bjdon on 2013-08-09 21:13:28
Great atmosphere!Posted by: Squatro on 2013-08-10 03:52:08
i totaly agree with squarto... great atmosphere!
simple but very effective imoPosted by: boulder on 2013-08-19 12:42:22
Comments are welcome from people who download this piece of music.,

Posted by: bjdon on 2013-08-21 11:54:22