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by Janne (Skiessi)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 0.4.14
Submitted: 2013-09-18 12:26:01
Updated: 2013-09-18 22:44:58
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Rating:    10
Name: lab128_6.mmpz Download

Do you get any error message? What does it say?Posted by: Skiessi on 2013-09-18 12:42:10
When I open the project, it shows some alerts saying "unknown LADSPA plugin 'pluginname; Requested".. This is normal b'coz I don't have those plugins installed in my system(win7 64bit). But after loading the project when I click on play button, it starts playing but there's no sound. If you check your last upload, Gordon also mentioned something similar in comment. :)Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-09-18 12:59:17
Skiessi, what version of LMMS are you using? I can't hear it. Also, this is how the song sounds played under LMMS 0.4.15: by: Popsip on 2013-09-18 16:26:54
o_O? That sounds weird.Posted by: Skiessi on 2013-09-18 18:30:26
I checked out the YouTube link that you provided. I picked up a calm, city setting from your song. :)Posted by: Popsip on 2013-09-20 18:27:14