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by Tanner (Tanner)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2013-10-03 18:40:48
Updated: 2013-10-03 18:40:48
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Rating:    9
Name: dx Remix Me - DeltaX - Popsip - Tanner.mmpz Download

Song by: DeltaX
Remix by: SJ(Popsip)

Original Project file URL:
Remix Project file URL:

Used Popsip’s remix to start with.

Not really my genre of music… so I decided to go in a little different direction with it. Changed some of the plug-ins.

Hey Aden, sorry about doing this to your song :)

interesting! what genre is this exactly?Posted by: Abludo on 2013-10-03 20:44:56
It's strange... I like it! Though I really can't understand the type of music. Hey! You have just created a new genre! The Tanner Genre!!Posted by: DeltaX on 2013-10-03 22:29:17
Cool.. :)Posted by: shashikant.bohat on 2013-10-04 03:05:29