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by DeltaX
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.15
Submitted: 2013-10-12 08:12:08
Updated: 2013-10-12 08:12:08
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Rating:    44
Name: Axel F.mmpz Download

Finally! I completed my very own Axel F Theme cover! I've worked EXTREMELY hard on this project. Please remember that there may be a few minor mistakes! Also, I do not own the Axel F song, nor do I own any rights to it.

ah, the classics...
fantasticly done but you should turn down the main volume a bit because its clipping a bit in the background. but its still very good :DPosted by: TRoniX on 2013-10-12 09:57:39
Wow this is brilliant! 5 starsPosted by: Abludo on 2013-10-12 10:59:40
I haven't heard this song for a while. Nice cover.Posted by: Popsip on 2013-10-12 13:08:03
Very good, I especially liked that you didn't just do the main melody or track whatever you wanna call it. The only thing i can suggest for you is turn down the bass a bit.Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-10-12 16:19:58
P.S. I think there are a few other "axel f"s here on lmms.Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-10-12 16:20:42
didn't realize they add and quote and quote.Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-10-12 16:25:46
good i like ive made this song and its not even this good and 1 up on favPosted by: 55korb on 2013-10-12 20:33:33
Thanks everyone! :DPosted by: DeltaX on 2013-10-13 06:15:32
It's clipping too much, which ruins the song. Next time use a limiter.Posted by: Squatro on 2013-10-13 08:12:21
I fixed the 'click', do you want me too upload it?Posted by: DeltaX on 2013-10-13 09:01:43
well done... nice cover!Posted by: boulder on 2013-10-14 09:27:47